Things to Do in Martis Camp

Things to Do in Martis Camp

  • Samantha Swigard
  • 07/18/23

Martis Camp, located in California, is an amenity rich and exclusive gated community nestled in the breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountains. This private community offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking a serene and nature-filled escape. Residents and guests can indulge in year-round outdoor pursuits such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and fishing or simply relax by the crystal-clear Lake Tahoe.  Martis Camp truly embodies the essence of refined mountain living — if you’re looking to become an owner in Martis Camp, here are some things to look forward to!

Martis Camp has great opportunities for family fun

The Family Barn, is sure to entertain families with children of all ages. Inside this 18,000-square-foot facility, you’ll discover numerous recreational activities sure to provide countless hours of enjoyment. The “barn” contains indoor basketball courts, pool tables, a floor hockey rink, and a bowling alley.

Inside, you’ll also find a swimming pool that is seasonal. A movie theater is also on-site. This 44-seat venue hosts various family-friendly movies, often centered around themes.

A restaurant is within the venue as well. Part of this eatery is dedicated to an old-fashioned soda fountain. The area adjacent to the building has spots for picnicking, sunbathing, and access to the lake. An outdoor concert venue hosts several live shows each season. Past shows have included big names, including Lyle Lovett, KC & the Sunshine Band, and the Beach Boys.

The Folk School that the Family Barn houses offers year-round classes. Artists of all skill levels can take courses that will help to inspire and create art across many mediums.

The Family Barn will surely keep you and your children the most occupied of all the things to do in Martis Camp.

Martis Camp gives lovers of the outdoors a chance for great recreation

Forbes reported in 2013 that Martis Camp’s recreational opportunities really make it stand out against other private residential communities. Many offer golf as a focal point, built against the sloping greenery of fairways and interwoven with cart paths that cross the winding streets. Others are oriented around snow skiing, the neighborhoods set alongside access to the ski slopes that winter lovers line up to become a part of. Forbes points out that it’s quite rare for a community to offer both, making Martis Camp unique.

Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Martis Camp lies a golfer's paradise, where the prestigious Tom Fazio Golf Course takes center stage. Meticulously crafted to blend with the natural beauty, this award-winning course offers a challenging yet inviting experience for golfers of all levels. But the indulgence doesn't end there; the 18-hole putting course designed by Dick Bailey beckons families to enjoy delightful days of fun in the sun, surrounded by stunning vistas that create lasting memories of togetherness and joy.

Nestled on a picturesque ridge, the Lookout Lodge is Martis Camp's premier ski lodge amenity. With its rustic charm and breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the lodge serves as a warm and inviting haven for residents and guests alike. Whether indulging in après-ski delights by the crackling fireplace or basking in the beauty of sunsets from its cozy lounges, the Lookout Lodge adds an extra layer of magic to the ski adventures, making it an essential and cherished destination within Martis Camp.

Dining in Martis Camp

You will find several dining options at Martis Camp, with amazing options that don’t require you to leave the grounds. The Camp Lodge will give you wonderful meal options for casual affairs while taking in a great atmosphere. Breakfast is also served here so that you can start each day off in a low-key spot while you taste their many different pastry options. The Camp Lodge also offers a bar, providing the perfect backdrop for unwinding at the end of your day.

For those seeking a more formal dining experience during your trip, the Camp Lodge was built with elegant dining experiences in mind. There are several formal dining rooms, including the luxurious Cliff Room. This dining room was built on a 70-foot outcrop that gives diners the perfect view from above the 18th Green.

The cuisine at the Camp Lodge is planned and prepared by culinary experts who rotate menu options regularly.

Don't miss the Park Pavilion and Sports Fields

One of the most active things to do in Martis Camp will involve time spent at Park Pavilion and Sports Fields. This family-friendly part of the grounds is home to volleyball, pickleball, and tennis courts, soccer fields, and areas to play pick-up games of lacrosse or football.

There are terrific structures for your children to enjoy, including a large tree fort and swings. A pond-fed creek is nearby and perfect for exploring. BBQ pits and picnicking areas are also located here, providing an atmosphere that combines a family-friendly experience with one that makes socializing with other adults fun and easy.

The Lost Library is the perfect place for readers to relax

While many resorts and private recreational neighborhoods will provide books for visitors to read, no place does this quite like Martis Camp. The grounds are home to the Lost Library, a secluded cabin that has an offering for every type of book lover. Constructed just off one of the hiking trails, the library is a great spot to bring your children to read or where you might want to spend the afternoon alone relaxing with a good book.

The thousands of books in this cabin library give the perfect afternoon to spend. If you’re in Martis Camp and want to spend time away from the world, you’ll find this lovely spot just off the northern end of the Community Trail.

The Beach Shack

The only gated community offering Lake Tahoe access on the North Shore of Tahoe, The Beach Shack offers an idyllic retreat for its fortunate owners. This coveted amenity captures the essence of lakeside living, enveloping visitors in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Whether lounging on the sandy beach, engaging in water sports, or simply savoring a leisurely lakeside picnic, this charming enclave becomes a cherished haven where memories of laughter, sunshine, and the gentle lapping of waves are etched into the hearts of those who call Martis Camp home.

The bottom line

You may never want to leave Martis Camp after spending a few days among the stunning landscapes and exciting things to do. When you’re ready to consider vacation home options, Samantha Swigard’s the agent for you. With years of experience, Samantha will guide you to your dream property and the community that best suits your lifestyle. Her vast knowledge of Martis Camp and other areas surrounding Lake Tahoe will help get your new life in this popular and growing area off to the best start. Contact Samantha today to get started!

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