What I Can Do as a Luxury Real Estate Professional for my Sellers?

Overall, my combination of in-depth market knowledge, access to reliable service providers, a keen eye for staging and presentation, use of high-end luxury marketing portals, and longevity in the business set me apart as a luxury Real Estate Professional  providing my clients with the best chance for a successful sale.

As a Luxury Real Estate Professional, here is a snapshot of what I can do for you:

My in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market is essential for setting the right price for my client's home. I'll prepare a comprehensive market analysis to determine the current market trends, property values, and buyers' mindsets to help you price your property competitively.

A successful home sale requires the collaboration of various service providers, including home inspectors, contractors, and lawyers. I can provide you with a list of reliable and reputable service providers that you we can connect you with for any necessary repairs, upgrades, or legal assistance.

Preparing a home for sale is a crucial step in attracting buyers and achieving a successful sale. I have a keen eye for staging and presentation, and will work with you to prepare your home for sale, ensuring it is in top condition.

As a Luxury REALTOR, I have access to high-end luxury marketing portals to showcase your property to potential buyers. These portals provide exposure to a wider audience of affluent buyers who are interested in luxury properties, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

I provide my clients with the reassurance that they have the necessary experience, expertise, and knowledge to help them achieve a successful sale. It is essential to maintain a positive reputation in the industry and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in real estate.  I am here to put all of my skills and experience to work for you!

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Defensible Space Guidelines by Area

Wherever you call home in the Tahoe area, inspection requirements may vary, either by state or local government. For instance, in North Tahoe, an inspection runs $140, and if the property is not compliant, the seller will need to have the work done. In Nevada County there is no point-of-sale mandate requiring an inspection by Truckee Fire, and the corrective work is required either by buyer or seller, or as negotiated. 

Defensible space requirements don’t have to be stressful with the my help. Contractors are booked out months in advance, but I am aware of the best businesses for the job. Local contacts can make all the difference for these new defensible space requirements, so let me book the inspection even a year in advance of selling to ensure your sale goes off without a hitch. Highlights of defensible space requirements by area are as follows:

A checklist includes creating a green zone within 30 feet of all structures or to the property line. Needles, leaves, dead trees, weeds, and shrubs should be removed. Grasses and plants should be no more than four inches, and spark arrestors must be put on a chimney or stovepipe opening. To learn more about defensible space requirements in North Tahoe, click here.

A checklist includes different requirements around three zones of the house: the immediate zone, the intermediate zone, and the extended zone. A no-fuel space is required in the immediate area up to five feet from a home. Intermediate zones required trimmed grasses and vegetation islands to break up fuels. Extended zones should not host dead trees and shrubs. To learn more about defensible space requirements in North Tahoe, click here.

In Olympic Valley, annual grasses and weeds must be maintained at no more than four inches or less than 100 feet from a horse or property line. Debris must be removed, and trees must be limbed up to six feet from the ground. A ⅛-inch spark arrestor on chimneys, stovepipes, and solid-fuel-burning appliances must be installed. To learn more about defensible space requirements in Olympic Valley, click here.

All branches, bark chunks, and scrap lumber must be removed, which includes residential and vacant lots. Addresses must be clearly visible to emergency response personnel should an emergency occur. All dead trees, pine needles, and flammable vegetation will not be allowed on any lot. To learn more about defensible space requirements in Truckee, click here.

Overgrown and fuel-ladder conditions shall be thinned as noticed in the CA Fire defensible space guides. Any violation of CA Fire, Truckee Fire or other government agency pertaining to defensible space will be cited with a defensible space violation. Those who do not comply within 14 days may receive additional fines per week, starting at $100 per item. To learn more about defensible space requirements in Glenshire, click here.

The Tahoe Donner Forestry Department may require homeowners to perform defensible space and/or forest health maintenance at any time. Tahoe Donner has been a Firewise Community with a defensible space program in place for many years. Around residences, needles, limbs up to 10 feet, and brush around a propane tank must be removed. Around the property, dead and/or beetle-infested trees must be removed. To learn more about defensible space requirements in Tahoe Donner, click here.

Who to call for defensible space?

I can help connect you, but here are a few suggestions:

Defensible Space for Sellers

Beginning July 1, 2021, any seller in the Tahoe area is required to have a defensible space inspection.

This rule varies in locations around the Tahoe area, but it doesn’t have to make selling your home any more difficult. A Real Estate Professional is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to local resources, and defensible space is no exception. If you’re looking to sell your home, I can promise you that I can take the stress out of the process for you!

Work With Samantha

Samantha understands the disclosures, homeowner commitments, and governing bodies that a buyer or seller may encounter across the region’s diverse collection of communities.


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