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A breathtaking lakeside haven with Old Tahoe charm

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Spanning from Tahoe City through Homewood, Tahoma, and beyond Meeks Bay, West Shore Lake Tahoe is a picturesque embodiment of "Old Tahoe" charm combined with modern recreational luxuries. This area is celebrated for its bikeable paths, lush forests, and stunning views of Lake Tahoe. The West Shore is characterized by its heavy snow in the winter, making it a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts, while its summers are filled with the beauty of deep blue waters and sandy bays.

The bike path is the lifeline of West Shore, connecting residents to an array of destinations. Whether it's a leisurely ride to Meeks Bay, a lunch stop at Sunnyside, a scenic tour to Tahoe City, or an adventurous journey to Palisades Tahoe and River Ranch Restaurant, the path offers a unique way to experience the area's natural beauty. The community thrives on a blend of serenity and adventure, making it a coveted destination for those seeking a tranquil yet active lifestyle.

What to Love

  • Extensive bike paths connecting key areas along the shore
  • Ideal for snow sports with its heavy snowfall
  • Exclusive access through certain homeowners associations
  • A rich blend of history and natural beauty
  • Stunning waterfront views, perfect for pictures and lakeside picnics

Local Lifestyle

Life on the West Shore is a delightful mix of outdoor adventure and lakeside relaxation. The community is tightly knit, with a lifestyle that revolves around the natural beauty and recreational opportunities the area offers. Residents here enjoy everything from skiing and snowboarding in the winter to boating, swimming, and biking in the summer. The community's old Tahoe charm adds a nostalgic touch to the modern amenities, creating a unique environment where tranquility and excitement coexist.

Dining and Entertainment

West Shore is home to some of Lake Tahoe's most beloved dining spots. Sunnyside and its deck offer a perfect spot for a lakeside meal with stunning views. Homewood Ski Resort, not just a winter sports haven but also a culinary destination, adds to the area's charm. Chambers Landing Bar & Grill, known for its boat-in cocktails and grill, stands as the oldest on the lake, offering a taste of history and luxury.

For a classic Tahoe dining experience, the world-famous Fire Sign Cafe and the West Shore Cafe and Inn are must-visits. These establishments not only serve delicious food but also encapsulate the essence of West Shore's culinary scene — a blend of tradition, innovation, and a deep appreciation for the lake's beauty.

Things to Do

West Shore's event calendar is filled with festivities and celebrations. The Sunnyside Deck opening party each May is a highlight, marking the beginning of the summer season with excitement and community spirit. Famous parks like D.L. Bliss State Park and the iconic Emerald Bay Vikingsholm offer incredible natural experiences, from hiking trails to historical tours.

Meeks Bay Resort, owned by Native Americans, adds a unique cultural dimension to the area. Its pristine beach and crystal-clear waters make it a favorite spot for both relaxation and exploration. The steep drops into deep blue water and sandy bottom bays of West Shore provide a picturesque backdrop for all sorts of water activities.

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